How do You Scroll Down a Line in Discord?

Discord is a social platform that acts as a bridge between our family and friends. It can be used for entertainment or business purposes. Discord provides plenty of features all in one place to facilitate its users.

While writing documents, the enter key helps us to go down a line, but on most social apps the “Enter” key allows us to deliver the message. Similarly, the Discord “Enter” key gets our message delivered.

This blog will demonstrate the method for going down or skipping a line in Discord:

Going Down or Skip a Line in Discord

Follow these steps for skipping or going down a line in Discord:

Step 1: Launch Discord

To open Discord, click on the “Search bar” present on the left side of the taskbar and type “Discord” then click on the “Open” button:

Step 2: Go down a line

Write the first line of the message. then press “Shift+Enter”, and the cursor will automatically move to the next line:

Write the second line of the message then press “Enter”:

Now, users can verify how to go down a line in discord.


You might need to go down a line in a message when you want to add some text with bullets or in some other cases. It will make your message look more effective. To go down a line in Discord, write the first line of the text then hit “Shift+Enter” from the keyboard then specify the rest of the message.

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