How do I mute a specific channel in Discord

Discord is mainly made for gamers to get connected with other players and play games with them all around the world. The purpose of muting a Discord channel is to prevent users from sending messages while still allowing them to view messages and updates within the channel. Nowadays people of any field are using Discord. It provides a variety of options to its users which makes it reliable.

How to Mute a Discord Channel?

Discord is a very reliable application that gives its user full reliability to use it. If you are busy with your work and consistent messages are popping up on your screen then definitely you can mute them to concentrate on your work. Following are the steps to mute both “Voice and Text Channels”.

Step 1: Open Discord

Open the “Discord” application from the “Startup Menu”:

Step 2: Select Server

Now, Choose a Server. For instance, we have selected the “Zoha Server”:

Step 3: Select “Text Channel”

Here, Choose a server. For instance, we have selected the “unixhint” Text Channel.

Step 4: Mute “Text Channel”

after you have chosen the server, click on the “Bell Icon” to mute the text channel. A menu will pop up then choose how much time you want to mute the “Text Channel”.

Step 5: Verify Muted “Text Channel”

After you have selected the time you will see that there is a red line on the “Bell Icon” which means that you have muted the “Text Channel”.

Step 6: Mute Voice Channel

Select the voice channel. For instance, here we have selected Unix Hint Voice.

To mute a voice channel, right-click on it and a list of choices will appear. Select thelimit of the time for which you want to mute the “Voice Channel”.

Verify Voice Channel Muted

You will see that the name of the Voice Channel is now dim which means that you have successfully “muted” the “Voice Channel”:

That is all from the guide.


In this article, we have discussed how to mute a Discord channel which includes both “Voice and Text Channel”. You can easily mute Discord channels if you are doing some important work and the messages and calls on the channels are distracting you by following the above-mentioned steps.

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