How Do I Make a Sticky Note Widget on Notion

How Do I Make a Sticky Note Widget on Notion

Notion is an app that you can use for writing notes, planning projects, and collaborating with others. It is there to help you stay tidy by combining all your stuff in one place. You can make digital sticky notes on Notion where you can write down what just popped up in your mind or the tasks at hand.

Moreover, you also have an option of making them appear as you prefer so that they match your taste and requirements. This helps a lot in accomplishing work and keeping everything well organized.

This article will cover the following content:

  • How do I Make a Sticky Note Widget on Notion?
  • How to Add a Sticky Note Widget on Notion?

How do I Make a Sticky Note Widget on Notion?

Making your sticky note widget is simple and easy. It helps you organize your daily tasks better.

Step 1: Create New Page

Create a new page where you want to add all your sticky notes. You can add a new page by clicking on the “New Page” button in the left column or by pressing “Ctrl + N” as shown below:

Sticky Note Widget on Notion

Step 2: Start Making Notes

Now, write the “/callout” command to make space for your sticky notes:

Start Making sticky Notes

Step 3: Adjust the Area

Now, adjust the area by pressing “Shift + Enter”:

Start Making Notes

Step 4: Adjust the Layout

Adjust the layout of your notes. The default layout of your sticky notes will be like the one shown above but you can change it by selecting Notes > Turn into > 2 columns:

Start Making Notes

You can drag the other note to the side of the first note to make them look visually good:

Start Making sticky Notes

You have successfully created sticky notes. Now, you can use them to make your daily routine tasks more efficient and productive:

Start Making Notes

How to Add a Sticky Note Widget on Notion?

If you want to add already customized sticky notes templates, then follow the below steps:

Start Making sticky Notes in notion

Sticky Notes Board

This sticky note template helps organize personal and work notes separately. It sorts tasks by priority, has spaces for quick notes and grocery lists, and provides a section for meeting notes with simple icons for easy use.

Features of Sticky Notes Board Template

Below are some of the commendable features of the sticky notes board template:

Personal Sticky Notes Section:

  • Includes a link to the “Personal Archive” where notes can be dragged and dropped.
  • Quick notes section with icons for adding descriptions.

Tasks Notes Section:

  • Divided into various tasks with checkboxes for completion.

Quick Notes Section:

  • Contains a space for quick notes.

Grocery Notes Section:

  • Provides a grocery list with items listed.
  • Displays site names along with corresponding links.

Work Sticky Notes Section:

  • Similar to the personal section, it includes a link to the “Work Archive” for storing work-related notes.

High, Medium, and Low Priority Tasks Sections:

  • Each section lists tasks categorized by priority level with checkboxes for completion.

Meeting Notes Section:

  • Contains space for meeting notes with a pencil icon for adding content.

Get: Sticky Notes Board Template

That was all from the guide related to the sticky note widget on Notion.


Notion is a user-friendly tool for tracking tasks, notes, and projects. You can customize it to suit your needs and easily create sticky notes. Notion offers templates like Sticky Notes Board to help you neatly organize your thoughts and tasks. Ultimately, Notion is a practical place to collect your ideas and plans, making it easier to stay organized at work and in your personal life.

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