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How do I Hide my Discord Online Status?

Discord is a free messaging application. Discord users are connected through Servers. They can text, audio or video call each other. But whenever a user wants a social break, turn off the online status and still be online without letting others know. Hence Discord provides its user full comfort according to the mood of its user.

  • Method 1: Appearing Offline on Discord on Desktop?
  • Method 2: Appearing Offline on Discordon Mobile?

Method 1: Appearing Offline on Discord on Desktop?

Users can appear offline on “Discord” when they are actually online. In this way, they won’t get any messages or notifications, but it won’t change the amount of data used by the app.

Step 1: Open Discord

Open the “Discord” Application on your pc by searching it manually in the “startup” menu:

Step 2: Click on Avatar

Now, click on the profile “Avatar” which  is before the “Mute” icon:

Step 3: Select Invisible

Click on the “Online” option and then the “Invisible” option:

Step 4: Verification

Congratulations! You have successfully turned off “Online Status”:

Method 2: Appearing Offline on Discord on Mobile?

Below given steps will help you to display you offline on Discord on Mobile.

Step 1: Launch Discord

Open “Discord” application on your mobile:

Step 2: Click on Avatar

Select “User Settings” by clicking on your “Profile Icon” which is on the bottom right side of the window:

Step 3: Set Status

From the “User Settings” select “Set Status”:

Step 4: Select Invisible

After you have selected “Set Status” a menu will pop up. Now, from that menu select “Invisible” to appear “Offline” on Discord:

Step 5: Verification

The “Grey” like a small circle with your profile is indicating that you appear offline to other Discord Users:

That is how they appear offline in discord.


To appear offline in Discord click on your icon from there you will see the “Online option” click on it. After you have clicked on it a menu will pop up, select the “invisible” option.

To appear offline on the “Discord” mobile application, select “Settings” and then click on “Update Status” and select “Invisible”.

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