change dm settings on Discord

How do I Change my DM Settings on Discord?

Discord is a messaging application. Many users use it on a daily basis for texting, video, or voice chatting with their friends, family, or any person all around the world. Users can watch movies, can play games, and can make group study servers on discord. The purpose of Direct Messaging (DM) in Discord is to allow users to communicate with each other privately, without others on the server being able to see the conversation. This can be useful for discussing sensitive topics, making plans, or just having a one-on-one conversation. If you are a member of many discord servers then any unknown person can DM you and that could be spam. Discord provides a turn-off dm feature to protect from unknown persons.

Let’s start with the guide.

How to Turn Off Dm on Discord?

You can easily turn off dm on Discord by following the below-given steps:

Step 1: Launch Discord

Open “Discord” Application on your pc by searching it in the “Startup” menu.

Step 2: Select User Settings

Open “User Settings” by clicking on the “gear” icon on the bottom left of the window:

Step 3: Privacy and Safety

Now in the “User Settings” selectthe “Privacy and Safety” option from the menu:

Turn off the “Server Privacy Defaults” toggle as shown in the figure:

Step 4: Server Privacy

As you have turned off the toggle, a dialog box will appear tilted “Server Privacy”. After reading the dialog box condition select “No”.

Step 5: Verification

Now you can see that the toggle of “Server Privacy Default” is off:

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To turn off the dm option in discord, go to the “User Settings” and select the “Privacy and Safety” option. There, turn off the toggle of “Server Privacy Defaults”. So these are the steps to turn off dms from any unknown person.

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