Can I Use Notion Offline?

How Can I Use Notion Offline?

Notion is a famous note-taking app as well as a project management app. It also works as a task tracker. It has many features, for example making dashboards, embedding playlists, maps, and many other things. Images can be added as banners or headers. It also allows you to create databases and it has more than possible features a note-taking app can have.

Notion is a blend of many features out of which one prominent one is that it can also be used offline but only on desktop app’s that are on Windows and macOS. It’s not available for any other version i.e. phone version or browser. Using notion offline means you can work on it without a network connection.

This article will explain whether the Notion can be used offline or not.

Can I Use Notion Offline?

The answer to this is yes you can use Notion offline but only on your desktop apps. Windows and macOS are capable of using Notion in offline mode.

Syncing Data

Login to your notion account on the desktop app. When you will work on a notion without an internet connection it will automatically sync data and make the notion available for offline use:

How Can I Use Notion Offline?


Notion is great at encryption. It encrypts data both offline as well as online.

Mobile App’s Unavailability

Notion’s offline usage is only available for desktop apps, it is not available for mobile phones usage:

How Can I Use Notion Offline?

Access Pages

 Notion stores a history of recently visited pages on your device, permitting offline access to them. This allows you to work on your most-used documents regardless of no internet connection.

Solving Conflicts

Notion professionally settles conflicts when they arise, for as when multiple users are offline and editing the same page at the same time:

How Can I Use Notion Offline?

Bug Fixation

In addition to bug repairs, performance enhancements, and additional functions, Notion frequently provides updates for its desktop applications. You’ll need an internet connection for the initial download and installation, but these updates are typically handled automatically:

How Can I Use Notion Offline?

Regularly Document Updation

Although internet access is not necessary for offline notion usage you have to connect internet regularly to have synced data on all your devices:

How Can I Use Notion Offline?


In a nutshell, you can use Notion offline or without any internet connection; to use it offline, you need a desktop app. It still works without an internet connection but some features in the notion necessarily require an internet connection.

The features like editing, writing, or creating a new page can be done offline. As soon as Notion connects to the internet it syncs data over all devices. This feature is only available for desktop apps. It is not available for mobile apps or even browser versions of Notion.

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