How AI-Generated Content Poses a Challenge to Elections in 2024

How AI-Generated Content Poses a Challenge to Elections in 2024

AI helps us a lot in generating creative and unique content in a short time. From marketing and entertainment to research and development, AI has been super helpful. However, undeniable that it has serious drawbacks as well. Nowadays, people are not sure about the originality of the content that pops up on their social media. It’s becoming really difficult day-by-day to tell whether a particular content is original or AI-generated.

Negative Impact of AI-generated Content on Elections 2024

In the upcoming Elections of 2024, there is growing concern about the negative impact of AI-generated content. As, AI can be utilized to generate misleading and fake information. We belong to a “Digital World” where things get viral in a flash. These tactics can be used to defame a candidate or to confuse voters for influencing their decisions.

At the start of this year, an AI-generated image went viral, which became a cause for a drop in the stock market for a short period of time. Moreover, Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt predicted that Elections in 2024 will be confusing and messy because social media might not be doing enough to stop and protect us from false information generated by AI.

The content made by these advanced AI tools is making them so realistic which could result in a situation where it will become even more challenging to separate truth from falsehood. Now, we need to figure out “How to control or stop this type of content?

Here is a short list of solutions that can be implemented to stop fake content from being spread over social media platforms:

  • Enhanced Detection Algorithms
  • Rapid Verification Process
  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Emergency Response Plans

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