How to Generate Clickable Links in Notion Using Formula

How to Generate Clickable Links in Notion Using Formula

Notion offers a variety of tools and properties that help in the management of daily tasks. These tools make the work easier and more organized. One such property in Notion is that of formula. The formula property in Notion helps to generate clickable links that can be clicked once and redirected to the required page.

Today, we will discuss:

  • Database in Notion
  • Formula in Notion
  • Setting up Formula in Notion
  • Formula for Google Search
  • Formula for Wikipedia
  • Formula for Amazon
  • Formula for Good Reads
  • Conclusion

1. Database in Notion

Database in Notion keeps your work organized and easy to acquire when needed. Therefore, Notion offers a simple way to create a user database. The steps depicted below show how to create a database in Notion.

Step 1: Create a Page

Type /page in the space anywhere in the editor then select the page:

Database in Notion

Step 2: Create a Table

In the next step, the Table created is considered the default view of the database:

Database in Notion

Step 3: Select a Database

If the database exists select that otherwise select a New database as shown below:

Database in Notion

Step 4: Insert the Data into the Database

Finally, it is time to insert the data into your database:

Database in Notion

2. Formula in Notion

One of the best properties of Notion is the formula property that allows the user to automate multiple functionality in the database. These formulas ease the tasks make the database more organized and easy to retrieve data when needed.

3. Setting Up Formula in Notion

To set up a formula in Notion there are two main requirements, especially in the case of the website where you want to search.

These two main points are:

  • Search item: The item you want to search and its property type is text.
  • URL field: The property type for the URL field is the formula.

Now you can create a Notion database with the required fields along with the URL field that is set to the formula as shown below.

Step 1: Go to Edit Property

Fill in the name for the column then click on Edit as shown below:

Setting Up Formula in Notion

Step 2: Select Formula

Now select the property type  as depicted below:

Setting Up Formula in Notion

And finally, select the type as Formula:

Setting Up Formula in Notion

In the next part, we will further see specific formulas.

If you want to search from the Google Search engine just type the formula depicted below:

Setting Up Formula in Notion for google

Now, you may type anything under the column declared as Name and the Google URL column will automatically create a link.

Setting Up Formula in Notion for google

5. Formula for Wikipedia

The method to create a clickable Wikipedia link is similar to Google Search except for a difference in the formula. You can edit the formula using the method described in the heading no 1as:

Then, click Done:

Notion Formula for Wikipedia

As soon as you type something in the Name column a Wikipedia link is generated automatically in the Wikipedia URL column as shown below:

Notion Formula for Wikipedia

6. Formula for Amazon

The formula for Amazon search is depicted below:

Type the formula and click Done:

Notion Formula for Amazon

The database will appear as:

Notion Formula for Amazon

7. Formula for Good Reads

Good Reads is a website for book lovers and contains the largest collection of books available online. If you type the name of the book in the Name column, the book or the author’s name opens through the URL from the Good Reads URL column.

The formula for Good Reads is:

Click Done once the above-mentioned formula is entered:

Notion Formula for Good reads

The database appears to be:

Notion Formula for Good reads

This concludes the working of the formula to generate clickable links in Notion.


To generate clickable links in Notion, create a database then enter the name for the stuff you want to search and select the formula property in the next column for the URL. In this article, we have gone through a detailed analysis of how a database is created along with the clickable links in Google Search, Amazon, Wikipedia, and Good Reads.

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