Gemini Ultra Google's Most Capable AI Model That Can Beat Open AI GPT-4

Gemini Ultra Google’s Most Capable AI Model That Can Beat Open AI GPT-4

Google launched its Open AI chatbot initially, which failed because of its wrong responses to the queries. Therefore, Google stopped working on that and launched its most capable AI model, Gemini. This model beats ChatGPT-4 in multiple aspects.

Gemini comes with enhanced features and great capabilities which adds more competition in the AI world.

The article succeeds in the following pattern:

  • Background Related to The Launch of Gemini
  • What is Gemini?
  • Versions of Gemini
  • Comparison of Gemini With GPT-4
  • Future of Gemini
  • Conclusion

Before we get into the details regarding the AI model Gemini, launched by Google, it is important to check the key factors of its launch depicted below:

  • When Open AI’s ChatGPT attracted millions of users, Google launched Bard, its AI chatbot.
  • Bard was not successful since it responded in a wrong manner to the user’s query.
  • The employees at Google also declared it as Un-Googley.
  • The CEO of Google, therefore, stopped the launch of its series further.
  • Google started working on something new and launched Gemini after some time.

What is Gemini?

According to Google, Gemini is the first Artificial Intelligence model to outperform MMLU tasks (Massive Multitask Language Understanding). This means that it can respond to the query on almost 57 subjects.

Gemini comes with the capability to generate codes in Python, C++, and Java.

Google also tests its AI model Gemini to prevent negative comments, violent content, and toxicity.

Versions of Gemini

Google launched three versions of its AI model Gemini. These versions are:

  • Ultra Gemini: This version can perform highly complex tasks.
  • Pro Gemini: This model is the best model which scales multiple tasks.
  • Nano Gemini: For specific tasks or tasks on mobile devices.

Comparison of Gemini Ultra With ChatGPT-4

Google’s AI model Gemini Ultra can beat Open AI’s ChatGPT-4 in multiple aspects. These aspects are covered below:

  • Gemini Ultra outperforms results on 30 out of 32 benchmarks used in LLM(Large Language Model) research which is greater than GPT-4.
  • Gemini Ultra can outperform human experts on MMLU(Massive Multitask Language Understanding) which almost covers 57 subjects. It achieved a score of 90.0% on problem-solving and world knowledge as compared to ChatGPT-4.
  • It also achieved more than 50% on domains that require reasoning deliberately.
  • Since Gemini is multimodal which means that it responds to the user queries in audio, image, and text at the same time.

Future of Gemini

Since Gemini is trained and responds to user queries accordingly, therefore, it attracted users around the globe. The following advancements are expected:

  • Google upgraded Bard to Gemini Pro, which will be available in almost 170 countries. It will also expand in different locations and with multiple languages.
  • It will be available on various services like Search, Ads, and Chrome.
  • Gemini will also be available on Pixel 8 Pro.
  • Google’s AI model Gemini will also be available for Android developers. They may use GeminiNano to build the system as per the requirement.

This ends our discussion on Gemini, Google’s most capable AI model.


Gemini Ultra is so far the most capable AI model launched by Google. It responds to user queries in text, image, and audio forms. In this article, we discussed what is Gemini, its versions, and the comparison of Gemini Ultra with ChatGPT-4 along with the future of Gemini.

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