Best Free Audiobooks on Spotify

Want to listen to the audiobooks on Spotify? No worries! We will mention some of the free audiobooks on Spotify.

Spotify, a popular music application covers multiple features. For instance, the audiobook features on Spotify are amazing. For someone who loves listening, the audiobook feature will be fun and attractive. Currently, Spotify offers almost 3,00000 plus audiobooks to its users.

In this blog, we’ll cover some of the best free audiobooks on Spotify along with the following aspects:

  • Are Audio Books Free on Spotify?
  • Best Free Audiobooks on Spotify
  • Method to Listen to Free Audio Books on Spotify

Let’s start the blog!

Are Audiobooks Free on Spotify?

Yes! The audiobooks on Spotify are free to some extent. It depends upon the type of subscription plan you currently are using on Spotify. Let us divide the free audiobooks into two main parts: The first one, which is publicly available, and the other for premium users.

1. Free Audiobooks for Everyone

These audiobooks fall into the category that are quite old and no copyright issue evolves. This reason keeps them in the public domain which means anyone can reprint and use them. Anyone can access and record it, making it available to everyone.

These books are available to every Spotify member without the restriction of plans. Premium users of Spotify get the advantage of listening in ad-free mode.

2. Premium Audiobooks

These audiobooks are still in copyright and are not available for free. Premium audiobooks are not entirely free to listen to. Usually, these books are recorded by a celebrity or a trained narrator. Spotify Premium users can listen to these books for free for 15 hours/month. After that, you need to to-up as 10 hours increment.

Best Free Audio Books on Spotify

A wide variety of audiobooks are available on Spotify. Select any audiobook and start listening to it. Some of the most famous audiobooks available for free are:

1. Pride and Prejudice

2. A Starlet is Born

3. Jesus of Detroit

4. The Scorpio Races

5. The Book of Lies

6. Smoke and Key

7. Emma

8. Deadly Little Scandals

9. Maybe This Time

10. When Plants Dream

Apart, from the above-mentioned free audiobooks there are many others available. Search and listen to your favorite audiobooks at no cost:

Audiobooks Free on Spotify

Method to Listen to Free Audiobooks on Spotify for Free Spotify Users

The free plan of Spotify contains some limitations. For example, certain chapters of the audiobook might be available and others missing. Despite the missing factor, search for audiobooks in the public domain first. Next, search these on Spotify.

Follow the steps depicted below to listen to the free audiobooks.

Step 1: Navigate to Search

First, navigate to the Search bar at the top-left under Home:

Audiobooks Free on Spotify

Step 2: Search the Audiobook

Next, search for the required audiobook. For instance, search for Pride and Prejudice:

Audiobooks Free on Spotify

Step 3: Play the Audiobook

Once, the audiobook is available for free start playing it and enjoy. You can also select from multiple options like the favorite author etc:

Audiobooks Free on Spotify

Method to Listen to Free Audiobooks in Spotify Premium Plan

Follow the same method as discussed above to listen to free audiobooks. Premium users get an additional 15 hours/month to enjoy the premium audiobooks on Spotify. If the time ends before the month, buy an additional 10-hour top-up.

This wraps the blog on the best free audiobooks on Spotify.


So, now you know the best audiobooks on Spotify. There are several audiobooks available to the users for free to some extent. On the other hand, Spotify premium users enjoy additional time to listen to premium audiobooks. In this article, we discussed the details of the free audiobooks, and how to listen to free audiobooks on Spotify.


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