How Do I Enable DJ on Spotify

No idea of how to enable the AI DJ on Spotify? No worries! We will help you in the process on how you can enable the DJ option on Spotify.

The AI DJ designs a playlist based on your favorite songs and imitates a DJ-like voice while listening to music. It uses short commentary on your playlist and what will be played next as per your taste. Premium users can take the fullest advantage of this feature.

This article will cover the detailed aspects on:

  • How to Enable Spotify DJ?
  • Method 1: Enable the DJ Option in Android/iPhone
  • Method 2: Enable the DJ Option in Android/iPhone
  • How to Use the DJ Feature of Spotify
  • Issues Related to Spotify DJ Not Working

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How to Enable Spotify DJ?

Before directly jumping to the topic, it is important to mention that DJ is available for Spotify’s premium users only. This feature uses AI to create a perfect playlist for you. Let us look at the method to enable Spotify DJ in detail on Android and iPhone.

Method 1: Enable the DJ Option in Android/iPhone

We will now look at the method to enable the DJ option in Android/iPhone. Follow the steps below to get the clarity of the concept.

Step 1: Update Application

In the first step, update your Spotify application to the latest version and then follow the next steps to enjoy Spotify songs.

Step 2: Navigate to Music

As you view your homepage, select the Music option and scroll down until you see the DJ banner. Start using the DJ feature as per your playlist.

We can also use another method to enable Spotify’s DJ feature.

Method 2: Enable the DJ Option in Android/iPhone

This method also allows you to enable the DJ option easily.

Among the three options available at the bottom of Spotify’s application, select Search. Then navigate to the Made for You option.

Step 2: Select DJ

In the next step from Uniquely Yours select the DJ option.

The DJ feature of Spotify also became a part of the desktop application and premium users can now enjoy it!

How to Use the DJ Feature of Spotify

As soon as you enable the Spotify AI DJ you can now start using it by clicking on the DJ button. An AI voice will start the commentary before playing the playlist especially designed for you. You can also change the music from what is currently played by navigating to the DJ button at the bottom-right corner.

If you encounter some issues related to Spotify’s DJ feature not working follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the issue.

1. Update Application

Update your Spotify application as per the latest version since at times the root cause of a certain feature not working is not an updated application.

2. Availability of the DJ Feature

The DJ feature was initially released in Canada and the United States but it made its way to other places like Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Africa.

3. Premium User

As already discussed the DJ feature doesn’t work in a free Spotify plan. You first need to be a premium user premium to use the feature. This can be a problem since you will try to find it in the free plan whereas, it is a part of the premium plan.

4. Enable the DJ Option

Another mistake users make is they forget to enable the DJ feature from the settings. Go to the Account settings then Playback and toggle on the AI DJ.

5. Log in Again

If all of the above solutions fail and you still can’t run the DJ option, it is the right time to log out and then log in again.

This sums up a detailed discussion on how to enable DJ on Spotify.


So now you are clear on how to enable DJ on Spotify. You need to update your application and then navigate to the Music or Search options to enable the DJ option from Android or iPhone. In this article, we discussed the methods to allow the AI to DJ in Spotify and the solutions if they don’t work in detail.

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