Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone

Spotify is one of the top-ranking music streaming platforms. Music Artists across the world share their music tracks on this single platform. Music lovers follow their favorite artists, but you may wonder whether Spotify notifies others when you follow them.

This write-up will help you explore whether Spotify sends notifications when you follow someone, such as artists and friends.

Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone?

If you are looking for the answer, whether Spotify sends notifications to others when you follow someone? The answer is “No”. In other words, Spotify does not introduce the following notification feature. Therefore, one can follow one’s favorite artists and friends without notifying them.

Why Doesn’t Spotify Notify You When You Follow Someone?

Spotify is not a platform to share your social experiences like Facebook, Meta-X, and Instagram. It is designed, particularly for streaming music across the globe. Therefore, you can listen to and enjoy your favorite music tracks without any pop-up notifications from your followers.

Is There Any Alternative Way to Check Who Follows You on Spotify?

Yes, you can check your following list on Spotify through the below steps:

Step 1: Open Spotify Profile

After logging in to your Spotify, click on your name icon and select the Profile from the list:

Spotify Notify You When You Follow Someone

Step 2: Navigate “Follower” Button

Right below your profile name, you can click on the “Follower” button along with the total count of followers, click on it to open your followers list:

Spotify Notify You When You Follow Someone

Here, you can see the complete list where you can check who is following you on Spotify:

Spotify Notify You When You Follow Someone


Spotify does not provide such a feature that can notify you when someone follows you on Spotify. However, you can check the list of your followers through your Spotify profile. This post provided a detailed answer to the question “Does Spotify send a notification when you follow someone?”

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