How to Create a Custom Invite Link in Discord

How to Create a Custom Invite Link in Discord

Several applications are developing since people find it comfortable to communicate in the comfort of their homes. One such application is Discord which comes with several features that help easy communication among people. It is not only confined to an individual basis but teams and groups of people can communicate easily through it.

This article will cover the details the following topics in detail:

  • What is Discord?
  • How to Create Your Server?
  • Why is a Custom Link required?
  • How to Create a Custom Link in Discord?
  • Conclusion

1. What is Discord?

Discord is an instant texting application that connects different groups of people. You can share images, do video calls, and text using this application. It is used by millions of people around the globe due to its multiple features that are easy to use.

Discord comes with several options and settings to provide whatever the users want.

2. How to Create Your Server?

Discord allows you to create a server by yourself in a very easy way through which you can easily chat with your family, friends, or teammates. Follow the steps elaborated below to create your server.

First of all, click on the Add a Server button as depicted in the figure below:

As a result, some options pop up. Since we want to create my server, therefore, we’ve selected the Create My Own option:

The following options appear further from which you need to select the best which suits you:

In the last step, specify your server name, set a display picture, and then click Create:

Your server is now successfully created and a Welcome Window appears:

Custom links can be used as per your wish. You can easily create a link in Discord with the help of numbers, letters, phrases, etc. This link is unique and can be created skillfully and shared easily with the people on the server.

The steps depicted below will help the user to design custom invite links for the server.

In the first step, Go to the Server Settings from the drop-down option with your server’s name:

In the left panel, there are some options. Look for the Custom Invite Link option:

Custom links belong to level 3 which includes a certain payment to unlock the feature. Therefore, when the amount is paid link can be generated accordingly:

This brings an end to the topic of custom links in Discord.


Custom links in Discord can be created on your server using the Custom Invite Link option. You can easily customize the link using phrases, letters, and numbers. In this article, we have gone through the method to create a personal server along with the method to customize the link and invite the other members using this link.

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