Chrome Gets a Fresh Look and New Features for Its 15th Birthday

Chrome Gets a Fresh Look and New Features for Its 15th Birthday

Google Chrome, the most beloved web browser all around the world, is celebrating its 15th anniversary with exciting updates. In this article, we will discuss Chrome’s new fresh look on desktop, improvements in search capabilities, and enhanced security features. So let’s start!

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Chrome Gets a Fresh Look and New Features for Its 15th Birthday

What’s New in Chrome Latest Update?

Here are some of the new features that Chrome got for its 15th birthday:

1. Fresh Look and Desktop Upgrades

Chrome’s Latest update is giving it a fresh appearance that is drawing inspiration from Google’s Material You design Language. This update is bringing refresh icons that enhance readability and introduce new color palettes that are matched with its tabs and toolbar. These visual elements help users quickly differentiate various profiles such as work and personal accounts.

2. Enhanced Integration and Menu Renovation

Chrome is now more smoothly integrated with operating systems that ensure it adapts settings such as dark and light modes. Furthermore, this menu has also come up with improvements like quick access to Chrome extensions, Google Translate, Google Password Manager, and much more.

3. Discover Extensions in the New Chrome Webstore

The Chrome web store has been updated for a better user experience. It now adds a new extension category, such as AI-powered ones and Editors’ spotlights, and also personalized recommendations for better browsing.

4. Improved Search Capabilities

Chrome is simplifying the search experience with its new features for quicker access to information and search tools. Users can now start web page searches with a single click that opens the Google side panel. This panel has related searches and insights into a page’s source, making information fetching more smoother.

5. Enhanced Security with Real-Time Protection

Chrome is strengthening its security with a significant upgrade to its Safe Browsing feature. Now, in standard protection mode, chrome checks websites in real-time for connections to known malicious sites without sharing your browsing history. This enhancement is expected to increase protection by 25% which is impressive.

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