Is ChatGPT Free and What are the Limits of ChatGPT?

Is ChatGPT free and What are the limits of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a version of the GPT(Generator Pre-Training Transformer) language that is designed to chat like humans, provides answers to questions, translation of different languages, provides codes for various computing languages, and much more. Its features are making it increasingly popular. It is free to use without having to pay for it.

Limitations of ChatGPT:

ChatGPT has some limitations, the most important limitation among those are provided below:

1-Coherence of ChatGPT:

“ChatGPT” is designed to chat like humans but in many cases, it doesn’t produce responses like humans especially when the conversation is non-logical and nonsensical. For example in the below example: “ChatGPT” is asked to give an opinion about the weather and here is the response produced by it:

2-Grammatical Errors:

“ChatGPT” does not always follow the grammar rules and doesn’t produce grammatical or syntax error if the language is very complex. For example in the below example “ChatGPT” is telling itself how it can make grammatical errors:

3-Information about the current situation:

“ChatGPT” has no access to browse information on the Internet; its training time ends in 2021 which means that it will not provide you with information or news of current situations. For example in the below example we have asked “ChatGPT” to provide news of the current situation of the world and here is its output:

4- Response to emotions:

“ChatGPT” is not able to respond to emotions as humans do. It is clear from the below-mentioned example in which we have asked “ChatGPT” if “it is happy?” so here is its response to this question:

5-Generation of biased or inappropriate information:

It may produce inappropriate output for some sensitive questions like “How do terrorists look like?” so it may give an answer which may hurt the religious sentiment of someone but maybe it does not give an answer like this and answer this question neutrally:


The above write-up explains the limitations of “ChatGPT”. Despite having a lot of fascinating features there are also limitations of this application that should be kept in mind while using it. It sometimes may not respond as humans do, It may not follow grammatical rules, It will not provide current news or information, and it may produce output based on inappropriate information.

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