How to Change the NetSuite Password

How to Change the NetSuite Password

If you don’t know the process to change the NetSuite password then no need to! We will guide you in detail to change your NetSuite password in a go.

NetSuite password plays a vital role when connecting to your account. A loss of important data might occur if there is any security breach in the system. Therefore, better to change the password frequently and keep an eye on the complexity and length when setting the new password.

We will guide you on how you can change your NetSuite password.

This article will cover the following:

  • Need to Change the NetSuite Password
  • How to Change the NetSuite Password
  • Best Practices to Login Your NetSuite Account

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Need to Change the NetSuite Password

Changing passwords increases your security and maintains data privacy. By changing your NetSuite password you save your data and make the unauthorized access less. Changing your password often but if not possible try to change it once in at least 90 days.

When you change your NetSuite password you prevent the attack of malicious activities on your account.

How to Change the NetSuite Password

You can change your NetSuite password with some simple steps without any problem. The steps below will let you through the process.

1. Open the NetSuite Account

Open the NetSuite page and log in with your credentials as shown on the login page. For two-factor authentication, complete the process as mentioned on the page. Once all the requirements are completed, the NetSuite dashboard will appear on the screen where you can access all the settings.

2. Click on Settings

Go to the top-right corner on the Settings option to easily change the password. Click on the drop-down menu to modify the password. Click on Change Password.

3. Enter New Password

The change password button will redirect you to a page where you first enter your current password and then enter the new password with all the requirements like the length and characters. Click Save once the new password is created and move forward.

4. Login Again

After changing the password, you can log out and then log in again to see if the newly added password works for the NetSuite account.

You can change your password regularly to avoid any mishaps.

Best Practices to Login Your NetSuite Account

Let us look at the most adequate practices to log in to your NetSuite account. These practices will help to provide security to your account.

1. Settings for Password

 While creating password keep the major points in mind. For instance,the length of the password plays a vital role as compared to complexity since the password complexity makes it difficult for users to remember the password.

Therefore, better to focus on something with a mixture of length and complexity while creating a password.

2. Two-Factor Authentication

This helps to provide double security to the account. It sends a verification code through email or on a mobile phone to verify that you are currently trying to log into your account.

3. IP Restrictions

If the system administrator can locate your IP then it serves the best since any theft attempt from an unknown location will block the access.

This wraps the discussion on how to change the NetSuite password.


So now you are clear on how to change the password of your NetSuite account. To change the password just go to Settings and then proceed to Change Password. Check all the requirements before entering the password. In this article, we discussed in detail why there is a need to change the password, the method to change the NetSuite password, and the best login practices.

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