How to Change and Add Font in Notion

How to Change and Add Font in Notion

Notion is a platform where you can manage tasks from simple to complex. It also includes collaboration tools for organizing and sharing information. Furthermore, Notion allows you to customize your projects, including the font style. There are several methods to modify fonts within Notion.

In this guide, we will implement two different methods to add and change the font in Notion.

How to Change Font Using Default Font Style in Notion?

In this method, we will apply the Default fonts in Notion.

Step 1: Locate Default Font Style

In Notion, there are three default font styles. You can find them by locating the options () in the top-right corner of your page:

Default Font Style in Notion

Step 2: Change Font Style

To change the font of your content, navigate to settings and select the font that suits your content:

Change Font Style in notion

How to Change Font Using Font Changer (Extension) in Notion?

Utilize the Font Changer (third-party extension) to modify your font in Notion.

Step 1: Navigate Chrome Web Store

You can easily navigate to the Chrome Web Store;

  • Go to Settings (—) in the top-right corner of your browser
  • Scroll down to the Extension
  • Click on the tab, Visit Chrome Web Store
Navigate Chrome Web Store

Step 2: Search Extension “Font Changer”

In the Chrome Web Store’s search bar, type Font Changer and click on the extension:

 Search Extension “Font Changer

Step 3: Add “Font Changer” to Chrome

Simply, click on the Add to Chrome button:

 Search Extension “Font Changer

To confirm the installation, click on Add Extension button, appears on your browser screen:

 Search Extension “Font Changer

After confirming the extension, you will see a pop-up window with the message, “Font Changer has been added to Chrome”:

 Search Extension “Font Changer

Step 4: Go to Added Extensions

After installation of Font Changer, you can explore different font styles for your workspace in Notion.

  • Locate the Extension button on your browser
  • Click on Font Changer
 Search Extension “Font Changer

Step 5: Select Your Font and Style

With Font Changer, you can now select your preferred font style. For example, select the font (Montserrat) and style (800) to apply to all content:

 Search Extension “Font Changer

If you want to apply the font on selected content such as H1 (Heading 1), type h1 in the blank text area:

 Search Extension “Font Changer

You can also add multiple options like h1, h2, etc., to apply the font to these headings:

 Search Extension “Font Changer

Using the aforementioned methods, you have successfully changed the font in Notion.


Can I customize the font style in Notion?

Yes, you can change the font in Notion using either the default font styles provided by Notion or by utilizing third-party extensions.

Can I utilize a third-party extension to modify the font in Notion?

Yes, you can utilize extensions like Font Changer to modify the font in Notion, providing additional customization options.


There are multiple ways to add and customize the font in Notion. In this article, we have implemented two different methods, the built-in or default font, and the Font Changer extension for changing the font in Notion.

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