How to Center Text in Notion

Any idea how to center text in Notion? No worries! We will let you know different methods to align the text at the center position in Notion.

When you write the content you always try your level best to make it attractive. Using multiple formatting options like center alignment, and highlights, your content must attract the readers. In Notion, you can center-align your text to make it prominent and grab the user’s attention using multiple methods.

This article will cover the details on:

  • How to Center Text in Notion?
  • Method 1: Using the Three Column Block
  • Method 2: Using Spacebar
  • Method 3: Using the Notion’s Block Equation

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How to Center Text in Notion?

As for the center alignment of text is concerned in Notion, there are no shortcuts or any dedicated key present although there are certain methods that will help to center the text.

To keep your content engaging you need to do a lot of formatting so that users find your content interesting. Therefore, we need to look out for some methods to center text in Notion.

Method 1: Using the Three-column Block

By the term Three Colum Block, we refer to the insertion of text between the two blocks to accurately centralize the text in Notion. Let us use this method to make our desired heading in the center.

Step 1: Open Notion

In the first step, you need to open a Notion page which contains some text, and then type /column. Select the option 3 columns as depicted below:

Center Text in Notion

When you click on 3 columns, these columns will be added to the dedicated spaces and you can even click and check.

Step 2: Add Text in the Center Column

In this step, you can add the desired text to the columns. You can insert the text in the center column when you especially need to center-align it as shown below:

Add Text in the Center Column

This will align your text in the center position in Notion using the three-block technique.

Method 2: Using Spacebar

Although the spacebar method is super easy. However, it is time-consuming since you need to manage the spaces before and after placing the text in Notion. You can check the characters before and after the center text using the tool that counts the characters.

Step 1: Make the Text Center

First, you need to center the text using the spacebar on the Notion page by placing the cursor to the left of the heading and the right also as shown below:

Add Text in the Center Column

Step 2: Use the Counter Tool

Use the counter tool to check the spaces between the text at the right and the left as depicted below:

Add Text in the Center Column

By checking on both sides you can balance and perfectly center align the text in Notion.

Method 3: Using the Block Equation

This method also helps to align the text center on a Notion page. Let us see how this method does wonders in the alignment process.

Step 1: Conversion into the Block Equation

In the first step, you need to convert the text into a block equation using the three dots present at the left side of the heading and then on Turn into as depicted below:

block equation for Center Column

Now, click on the Block equation as selected below:

 Center Column block equation

Step 2: Format the Heading

As you select the block equation, the text appears like this:

heading the Center Column

You can increase the font size using the available options like:

 Center Column text

The heading even after getting large appears to be the same which is one of the disadvantages of this method.

This wraps up the discussion on different methods of how to center text in Notion.


So now you have an idea of how to keep the text in the center in Notion. To center align the text in Notion, you can follow the spacebar method, the three-column method, and the block equation method. In this article, we studied different methods to center the text in Notion.

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